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Established in January 1969, jans tours & travel service ltd has earned a reputation as one of Bali's foremost inbound tour operators, recognized for personalized service and professionalism. We are by no means the biggest tour operator on the island, nor do we wish to be. Our aim is to keep within a size which allows us to offer best personalized service possible to all clients.

Our tour guides are carefully selected for their friendly attitude, in-depth knowledge and special affinity for our country, which they delight in sharing with welcome guests, many of whom become life time friends after their departure.

jans tours places a strong emphasis on introducing travelers to Bali's hidden secrets, taking them off the beaten track to experience first-hand, the friendliness of the Balinese people, along with their magnificent country and heritage.

We handle both individual and group services, focusing on Bali where our office is based, but we also partner with selected operators in other islands of Indonesia such as Lombok, Flores, Komodo, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java etc.

jan's tours was amongst the earliest established official tour operators in 1969, and was started by Jan, a westerner, rare in Bali in those days, who was able to see the island through the eyes of a foreigner, and therefore had the edge over other operators, and her husband Djati, a western educated University lecturer, and one of the few local Balinese able to speak English fluently at that time.   Employing University lecturers as tour guides they explored the island finding the unique corners and back roads which became our icon.

Djati was involved in assisting in the researching of one of the first guide books on Bali, “Beautiful Bali” by Sir Robert Blackwood, and were producers of one of the first detailed maps of the island, after spending many months traversing all corners of Bali checking accessibility.

Those were the days when no telex, faxes or emails existed and reservations were by "snail mail" sometimes taking 6 weeks to arrive each way.   

Now propelled into modernity and the technological age, accompanied by the development of high end resorts, great restaurants, a myriad of things to buy, and busier roads and traffic, jan's tours still endeavours wherever possible to utilize quieter back village roads on our excursions, so avoiding as much traffic as possible, and giving the visitor a chance to see the real Bali, less commercialized. The care taken in designing excursions with this in mind makes our services unique.

A number of tour guides trained by jan’s tours over the years, have become top award winning guides, both locally and nationally.  Many of our guides are requested again and again in advance by repeat visitors or those returning home and recommending their services.

Our drivers are carefully selected for their driving expertise, knowledge of road conditions and care taken on excursions. Not all speak English, but make a good team together with the guide, as this allows the driver to focus on road conditions and traffic, so providing comfortable safe excursions, while the guide focuses on giving information and pointing out things of interest on route.  Our safety record on the road is 100%, only once in all these years was there a very minor incident, not caused by our own staff.

Our services are based on "experiential excursions and we endeavour to provide experiences not provided by other companies, and also to give the clients a chance to build up a relationship with the guides and drivers and sometimes their families, so that they return to their homeland feeling they have made friends here.

Bali (and Indonesia in general) is all about the people, the culture, the experiences. Our aim is to ensure our visitors experience this.











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