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BALI 1964 - 2009 the Shadows That Dance In And Out Of My Memory

Date: February 12, 2016 21:28

Proud to introduce a memoir from one of the owners and founders of Jan's Tours and Travel, Mrs Janice Mantjika.

An Except from Jan Mantjika's new Memoir: BALI 1964 - 2009 — the Shadows That Dance In And Out Of My Memory is currentely in Periplus stores & Ganesha book stores & Biku Restaurant in Bali.

"From the dim, dark recesses of a near stagnant memory, out of the cubbyhole where unconsciously one files away memories too horrific to want to recall, I try to drag the memory of the darkest days in 1965. The madness was still raging all around us, and fear and horror were something we breathed from the minute we woke till the moment we slept.
There was nothing more ominous in this particular morning than any other, but we still stayed close to the house, and spoke only in whispers to neighbours over the back fence, lest an enemy should hear us. We really had no way of knowing who was friend and who was foe at the time. Life in those terrible days was a matter of dragging through the daily chores to fill the day and try to keep a sense of normality as much as we could in times so stressful. We tried to hide our fear from two-and-a half-year-old Cindy.
Because of the lack of soap, our dishes and cutlery were simply washed in cold water and left on the cover of our well to dry in the heat of the sun. I told myself this would ‘sterilize’ them. Weak with hunger, I was just manoeuvring my heavily pregnant body slowly to the well, when the sound of a frenzied crowd and the thuds of nearby footsteps interrupted my thoughts.
The commotion was coming nearer and now I could hear shouts of “Matiang! Matiang!”—Kill him! Kill him!”

For all book lovers, you must read this book!!


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