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Bali - Bali Day Tours

Bali is arguably the best known of the islands of Indonesia besides Java and is known as a utopia of culture, arts and community. On this temple-strewn island where volcanic crater lakes feed lush irrigated rice fields the unique Hindu Dharma religion is a daily celebration of fruitful cooperation between the land, the gods, and the people. Bali is one of 17.000 islands of the colorful archipelago of Indonesia and is a pocket of Hindu Dharma in an otherwise Muslim majority population. Lush scenery warm friendly people & the unique culture make this a tropical island not to be missed
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Bali - Bali Round Trips

The Bali Round Trips have been carefully compiled in response to popular request, and are highly recommended as the best thing to do when you first arrive on the island. Many visitors to Bali are seduced by the luxury of the beach resorts and miss out on the chance to experience the wide variety of scenery and fascinating places just waiting to be discovered in other parts of the island. Available to individuals and small groups only, these round trips offer an excellent introduction to the island, its people, their art and culture.

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Bali - Bali Special Interest

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