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Today we see a simple Banjar building,  (local village council hall) and learn about the Kul Kul alarm drum, which every Banjar has hanging from their “bell tower”, and stop in at a traditional house compound, typical of the layout of traditional houses, with it’s various separate pavilions, each with it’s own specific purpose, such as sleeping pavilions, kitchen pavilion, guest pavilion, ceremonial pavilion, etc. No visit to the home of a Balinese Hindu-Dharma family would be complete without a peek at the private house temple. We have the wonderful opportunity of getting closer to the heart of the land with a fascinating walk through rice fields to observe the Subak irrigation system, an ancient system of irrigating the rice terraces through gravitation, a system perfected centuries ago by Balinese farmers, making the Balinese the most successful agriculturalists throughout the whole archipelago of Indonesia. Depending on season we may get to observe traditional planting methods or harvesting. At the village of  Mas we  stop in at the studio of a woodcarving sculptor. Bali is famed for it’s high quality woodcarvings, and almost every Balinese has an artistic streak of some sort in him/her. This is a chance to observe sculptors seated cross-legged on the ground as they skillfully carve superb pieces of art,  with simple tools, resulting in superbly finished fine art pieces. (again an opportunity to purchase if desired.  Lunch will be taken at a Restaurant in Ubud, and time permitting we may  visit on our return route a factory producing the famed Indonesian Batik, wax and dye method, fabric.

Note: Appropriate attire: walking or tennis shoes, long sleeves, peaked cap, knee length shorts or long trousers which can be rolled up.





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